string sculpture

string on allen
string in dumpster

The city as a template. Pronounced by publicly available and pervasive structural guides that extend from the macro (roads, bridges, government regulations) to the micro (grids, bricks, fences, interpersonal communication protocols, language, gesture). These structural templates govern the continuous mediation of transactional systems throughout the city. They are available for us to use and build on. I am inspired by the smaller structures. The grids and fences as templates to play on, guides and frameworks in pieces.

The allen street median, a strip of land owned by the city of new york and dubbed a “park”. The land stretches for the length of allen street, from where it transitions from 1st ave at Houston, all the way down to the water. The median is an inherently unusable space. The walkway is dilapidated, littered with trash, upturned concrete and enclosed by waist high fences deformed by motor vehicle collisions.

I decided to reimagine the Allen street walkway with some string. Governed by the structural template of twenty bar fences. This piece was designed to make use of three of these twenty bar fences that line the entire walkway. Two facing one as a structural grid upon which to reinvent the space.

A gesture to the reimagination of and repossesion of the allen street median. By you, me, my neighbors, but really anyone who wants to claim a stake. I hope that people waiting for the bus gaze curiously at the orange rays suspended. Walking towards it from a distance, the form changes, reorients the relationship to space. I hope they catch pieces of this. Pieces of a reimagination. Cascading from micro to macro. Lets play.

site specific public art
a collaboration with Jason Krugman