Solid Logic (in progress)


Solid Logic is the third series of CMOS Logic Sketches. This is a work in progress.

Electronic circuits traces are normally constructed on a 2 dimensional plane. With Solid Logic, traces are solid volumes of metal that are held suspended and electrically isolated from neighboring traces. What remains is a solid, volumetric instantiation of a digital logic gate. Viewers can manipulate this work, feel its weight and engage with the circuit to see what it does.

Each electronic trace is machined by hand using a manual bridgeport mill.

The following images describe the process of making this work. Each circuit trace is modeled as a 3 dimensional volume using Fusion 360. Once I have a model of the circuit, I make a 3D print just to make sure it looks and feels as expected. Then I re-print all of the parts so that when I machine each one by hand, I have a physical reference model. This really helps when you are planning for your machining operations, fixturing and tools.

This piece was started as an Artist in Residence at Autodesk Pier 9.

Rendering of solid model of the inverter gate :
Elevation renderings of the inverter gate :




3D print of inverter gate with components in place :

Individual machined brass traces :





Set of traces for the inverter gate (almost complete before being assembled) :