Inked Logic


Inked logic is the first series of CMOS logic sketches.

Inked logic is eight 5×7” panels. Each panel is one of eight functional logic gates constructed using discrete CMOS transistors. To fabricate this work, ink is scraped away to reveal and electronically isolate the electronic traces. The residual ink lends an expressive quality that is normally missing from precisely constructed electronics.


Electronic traces are laser etched into glossy black acrylic and filled with conductive ink. Each gate is powered by a single coin cell battery, has a single or set of switches as input, and a white LED as output. The state of the LED (on/off) is determined by the state of the input switch/es. These pieces are displayed in sequence. Beginning with a CMOS inverter on the far left, followed by a buffer, NAND gate, AND gate, NOR gate, OR gate, XOR gate and XNOR gate. They are displayed on a wall so that they can be viewed as a whole, in relationship to each other. But they are mounted in a way that invites people to handle them individually, to engage with and discover the varying behavior of each tiny system.