CMOS Logic Sketches (about)

CMOS Logic Sketches is an exercise in building a visual vernacular for the 8 digital logic gates which are at the foundation of all digital electronic technology. By combining inverter, buffer, and, nand, or, nor, xor, xnor gates, you can build any computer.

The notion that these simple logic gates are the building blocks of digital technology is quite beautiful. However, this beauty is impossible to appreciate because there is no visual representation of it. Normally logic gates are built using nano-scale transistors and are embedded within the plastic cases of silicon microchips.

CMOS Logic Sketches construct the foundation of digital electronic technology as carefully considered, enduring artifacts which are meant to be admired as art. An otherwise invisible moment in technological history is instated as a tangible and accessible experience.

Each work in this series uses the same suite of electronic components. The transistors are SOT-23 package Mosfets (metal-oxide field-effect-transistors). The gates are built using CMOS (complementary mosfet) logic. As opposed to other types of transistor logic, CMOS is the actual logic used within current day digital electronic devices.

Work in this series :

Solid Logic (In progress)
Inlaid Logic (2015)
Inked Logic (2015)